Fractional Distillation of Methyl Esters (FAME):

Fractional distillation makes it possible to separate the FAME mixture in to narrower cuts or even individual component to give multiple fractions of higher value e.g. FAME produced from Palm oil base gives top cut ( usable feed stock for fatty alcohols) , middle cut (usable feed stock for MES – replacement of LABS ) and final cut - summer grade biodiesel ( C18 cut) from feed stock having C8-C18 chain fatty acids. Similarly the multistage Fractional distillation can give number of desired fractions by employing two or more columns. Basically, each stage uses the deaerator, heat source, fractional column, Condensing system, and vaccum source, Vacuum system is provide independently for each column to achieve highest vacuum and greater recovery of desired products. The following diagram shows the fractional process. Achievable purities are approx. 99% for a C16 fraction and approx 95% for a C18 fraction from palm / tallow base FAME. The process can help in delivering tailor made FAME for various other applications in chemical industry

Plant Size: 50-200t/d
Approx utility consumption per ton of crude Fatty Acid Methyl Esters

  • Heating steam 60 bar :370kg
  • Steam 3-10 bar :330kg
  • Cooling water 20oC :15m3
  • Electrical Energy : 5kwh