Vegetable Oil Plant's Project Engineering Services
  • Consultancy at planning stage
  • Designing of Custom-built Plants & support systems
  • Supply, erection & commissioning
  • Improvements in Existing systems
  • Upgradations of Existing systems


Vegetable Oil Plant's Turnkey Project Services
  • Consultancy
  • Project Planning - scheduling, monitoring & execution
  • General factory & non factory layouts
  • Basic design data for civil engineer works
  • Designing of utilities & services system
  • Piping & Electrical designs
  • Supervision & Erection
  • Plant start up
  • Staff Training
  • After Sales services
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Project design Consultancy


Aluminium foil mill machinary & equipment supply
  • Rolling oil storage
  • Rolling oil distributuon system (includes piping, instrumentation & electrical)
  • Celler tang manufacturing & site installation
  • 20kl, 30kl, 40kl
  • Mill hoods manufacturing & site installation
Fume Exhaust System
  • Chimney/scrubber column
  • Fume ducting manufacturing & site installation


PU Blending Stations/plant (Footwear Industry)

  • Storage - Tank form of polyol/additives
  • Blending Station - Blending Stations for polyol and additives
  • Reactors/ Blenders
  • Blender and pre-mixer vessel in stainless steel
  • Platform for pre-mixer
  • Agitator for optimal homogenizing the material
  • Pumps for polyol and additives
  • Temperature control unit (if required)
  • Safety valves for protection
  • Control valves
  • On-off valves
  • Weighing loads cells
  • Temperature sensor
  • Pipeline system
  • Wiring/cabling of the complete module
  • Control room with modern and high-performance rockwell AV and scada/PLC and PC, with operator friendly controlling functions and recipe management system.


Solvent Extraction Plants Turnkey Supply


SPEC's Methodical and Scientific approach in working SPEC leads you step by step closer to your ultimate goal - PROFIT.
SPEC has professional workforce expert in their own fields assuring smooth working at all stages of Project - during & after the completion.