SPEC's Hydrogenation process operate on Dead End principle and is used for increase of the melting point of unsaturated oils,fats and fatty acids. Hydrogenation reaction is carried out under hydrogen gas pressure in presence of Nickle catalyst , high temperature and nil moisture conditions such that addition of hydrogen molecule across the double bond or repositioning of double bond converts liquid oils to hard fats with selected higher melting points. These hardened fats are then used generally in combination for the formulation and processing of vegetable ghee ( vanaspati ), margarine, shortening, confectionery and other cooking fats besides other industrial applications i.e. soap, stearic acid etc.

SPEC offers hydrogenation plant with capacities ranging from 1 ton per batch to 15 tons per batch. The plant can be supplied with automation to controlled parameter operations.

Main Features and Advantages of Hydrogenation :

  • Simple operation
  • Process control is accurately monitored through instrumentation.
  • Precise control of various parameters such as temperature, gas pressure and catalyst dosage enables similar quality batch after batch.
  • Economy The superior reactor and agitator design assures proper selectivity, optimum gas consumption, low power consumption.and higher production due to lower reaction time.